Walking Past Expectations

When I was in my early 20s, there was an instance where someone spread unfair and false accusations about me. Looking back, I'm astonished even to this day at how far that rumor spread, and how quickly people believed it. 

Did it affect my life? You bet it did. 

It was as though one day I woke up as a different person. People acted like all the good I had done in my life hardly mattered. All because of a false accusation that became a rumor I could not outrun.

I lost my job over that accusation. It was untrue - but truth or lies don't matter in the face of bad opinion against you. Have you ever seen that happen to someone you cared about? It hurts. 

That's a lesson learned, though. Truth, facts, logical thinking - they all go out the window when bad opinion starts to circulate about you. And no matter what you say; no matter how many statistics or pieces of evidence you come up with..."they say" can trump almost anything. ALMOST anything true can be wiped out by, "Well, I heard it from Bob and he's not a liar, so..."

My marriage later ended as a direct result of the lies and rumors and false information spread by coworkers. Even my husband believed it, after he had heard it enough times! He told his mother...and there went that relationship.

When everybody has turned against you, and you've shouted as loudly and passionately as you could, saying, "It's not true! I didn't do it!" but nobody seems to hear...

Where do you go from there?

How do you pick up the pieces of your broken friendships, lost opportunities, sundered life? 

It's not easy. But it must be done, because really the only alternative is to give up. To just lay in your apartment, alone, eating potato chips (or nothing at all), binge-watching GOT or late night TV. (Yes, I did that... #noshame)

Giving up means you'll never get them back - your friends, your family, or spouse. And other people can tell you all they want, "Now you know who your real friends are..." 

You'll hear trite phrases like, "He/she isn't worth your tears if they believed that crap!" but you know in your heart that those people...all those people who believed it, are just the dupes. 

They've been conned, just like you were, by the person who INVENTED and spread those lies. And if you were duped by that person, how can you blame everybody else who was, too?

*Ms. Nadler's nonfiction work, Walking Past Expectations is now available on Amazon.com


"Walking past the expectations of others, and continuing to build your life based on your own personal goals, is an achievement in itself."

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